Graphicster is Live

Graphicster is a sister site to Minimum Noise. As you surely have guessed, it is crowdsourced graphics production.

What, you say, another one? Aren’t you just competing with 99designs, crowdspring and lord knows how many other design sites then? Well, yes, we are. However, those sites focus solely on graphics design. Having worked for many years with tv production and video games, we really wanted to applyh this concept to other forms of graphics as well. You can use Graphicster for everything from a cover for your new album through 3D models and textures to logo and web design.

We are going to eat our own dog food by creating a project for the logo of the site itself.
So, if you have graphics skills and want to join in, you can participate in the first Graphicster project – and potentially win $250.

Kristian and Sammy


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