We’re all in Marketing Now

In an interview by Derek Sivers, Seth Godin talks about what musicians can do to make it in this world where the music industry is revolting. “Very good music is unheard every day, because very good music is not in short supply.” This article about the trend for film music makers points out at least one area where it’s very clear. In general, all of us who work with data – musicians, designers, writers as well as programmers have suddendly have found ourselves competing with the entire rest of the world. Basically, the supply is in an entirely different league now. The same has happened to the demand obviously, but if you live in a first world country, this development is not to your advantage.

So what do you do to survive? You have to stand out – you’re in marketing now. Personal branding should be on your agenda.

I intend to write about this topic quite a bit but for now, here are a couple of resources that you should check out no matter what your industry is:
Seth’s Blog
Derek Sivers’ Music Marketing Advice book
Music Marketing – Gen-Y Rock Stars

..and if you want the firehose, subscribe to these: AdAge Power150


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